The Correct Way to Store Perfumes

Everyone owns at least one perfume that they use on a regular basis. Some people use their perfumes religiously and maintain extensive collections that are packed with a variety of scents while other stick to one perfume for every occasion. Regardless of which category you fall into, you should know that how you store your perfumes has a direct impact on their scent. Proper storage can help maintain a perfume’s scent for longer, effectively increasing its life span and making sure that you get your money’s worth out of every bottle that you purchase.

Perfumes are quite sensitive to temperature changes and humidity. These elements can gradually reduce the intensity of a perfume. This is why you need to make sure that your perfumes are not kept somewhere too hot, cold, or humid. Storing a perfume in a place that is subjected to frequent temperature changes is a bad idea as well. Fragrance experts say that you should always keep your perfumes in their packaging for added protection and try not to lose your bottle’s cap. Also, you should not leave your perfumes in your bathroom (to keep them safer from the humidity and heat that comes from your shower) and neither should you place them in direct sunlight.

Depending on whether your perfume is natural or synthetic, its chances of being ruined get effected. Synthetic perfume blends have natural extracts and molecular ingredients that make up their scent. Natural perfumes have a higher number of natural extracts than molecular ingredients. These natural extracts are far more sensitive and undergo oxidisation if they are exposed to higher temperatures. Once these ingredients oxidise, your perfume’s smell starts losing its touch.

Also, there are some ingredients that are more prone to going bad than others. Ingredients such as citrus can make a perfume extra sensitive, this is why fragrance experts advise that if you are going for a perfume containing citrus, you should buy a smaller bottle.

The contents of a perfume bottle alone do not decide the longevity of your perfume. The bottle itself matters as well. The design and coloration of a bottle can either help preserve its contents longer or make them more susceptible to the elements. One should always go for darker bottles as they are far better at protecting their contents. The next time you go out to buy a perfume, remember to prioritize the practicality of a perfume bottle over its looks.

Lastly, you should keep in mind that no perfume is immortal. As soon as your perfume is exposed to oxygen, it will begin deteriorating. The deterioration process can be slowed down, but mot stopped. The best you can do is keep your perfumes in a cool, dark, and dry environment in order to maximise their useful life. Also, instead of continually expanding your scent collection, you should focus on one or two perfumes at a time so that you can make the most out of them before they go bad.