Deep frying foods is a practice that’s done around the world and has been done for as long as we can remember. About a decade or two ago, we really started questioning this practice of ours and whether or not it’s the healthiest way of eating foods. Deep fried food is crispy and it cooks real fast, which is why we love deep frying so much. However, there are some legitimate concerns around deep frying food.

For starter, you can only fry so much food in one change of oil. Fresh oil fries the food the best but as the food is cooked, some traces of it are absorbed by the oil and over time, these food particles and juices spoil the oil. Eating foods fried in old oil is definitely one of the red flags of deep frying. This is why they say it’s better to have deep fried food at home rather than from some shop that may or may not have fried it in expired oil.

Deep fried food is dropping in oil, which is a concern in of itself. Obviously, you’re eating a lot of fat and that’s not going to make you any skinnier. However, if your food is fried in healthy vegetable oil instead of saturated commercial cooking oils, your body should be able to digest the fried food easily. Vegetable oils have many minerals in them as well so if your quality of oil is good, deep frying can indeed be a healthy way of eating food.

In conclusion, you should always eat deep fried foods at home, using your own deep fat fryer. You can learn more about these over at You can never go wrong with one of these; not in taste, nor in health.

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